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Izzy Anderson

Aimee, these photos and your layout are just adorable. Couldn't be cuter! Happy birthday! Let's see, for my birthday, I want a day to do nothing! :)

Mel H

Super cute layout....I want a new TV for my scrapbook room!

Sara Zenger

Happy Birthday Aimee!!! Enjoy your day!

Kathy K.

Happy Birthday Aimee!! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Kathy K.

Oh, and I want a week at the beach, then I'll scrapbook it ;-)

Sandy L

Happy Birthday! Love your layout. For my birthday I want physical labor from dh and ds to improve my scraproom.

Laura L

Hi Aimee! I hopped over here from Paper issues. Happy Birthday and thanks for a chance to win! For my birthday I want a better camera so I can actually take close ups of my projects and actually have the pictures turn out!

Michelle Huegel

Happy Birthday! I got what I wanted for my birthday in June - an iPhone 4s!!


happy happy birthday!! hope it's a great one :) i already had my birthday this year...but for next year, i'd like to celebrate with more of my family :) thanks for a chance to win!

Judith Aitken

Happy birthday Aimee. Gorgeous kit and scrumptious wee guy. Like the LO too.
My birthday is past but my wee boy was 23 yesterday. His big brother gave him the most perfect present. A photo canvas of him cuddling me. The most perfect present for me is my kids and grandchildren spending the day with me.

Miriam Prantner

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! Love the layout. I really like the curve of the photos. For my birthday I would LOVE a Cinch. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Andrea Garland

Firts of all, Happy birthday Aimee. The kit look amazing as your layout. My birthday was on April I had a wonderful time, but for my next birthday I want to enjoy the day running with my 2 JRT then having a wonderful lunch with my family at home, and at night with the family, making wishes, blowing the canddles and at the end haing sushi for dinner yummie.

Lisa P

Hi Aimee. I came to your blog from Paper Issues. Great layout today. My birthday is in two weeks and I am hoping, crossing my fingers and maybe throwing out a hint or two for a new camera. A really nice, good camera! Mine is doing funky things and what is a scrapper without a camera to take pics???

Sandi Pressley

Happy Birthday Aimee! I just had my birthday and I got what I really wanted....a trip to see and spend time with my grandchildren.


Hope you have a happy birthday! Super cute layout! For my birthday I just want a day to myself, and maybe a massage!!


Happy Birthday! Hope you have a terrific day and get the presents you really want!

All I want for any occasion, birthday included is gift certificates for craft/art supplies! LOL

Smiles and Purrs!

Beatrice Lawson

Happy happy birthday!! I would love to get a fancy pen set for my birthday - something pretty to have in my purse rather than always looking for a pen whenever I need to sign or note down something. Gotta enter this challenge too, your LO is so adorable!

Ashley Starkey

Happy birthday :)!! I REALLY want a silhouette cameo for my next birthday!!! Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous kit!!!


Happy birthday! Adorable LO! What would I like for my birthday!? This is tough! I am thinking I would like a new camera or a new sewing machine.

Patricia F

Wishing you a belated birthday! Hope it was a good one!!Thanks for the chance!

Barbara Staradumsky

Happy Birthday! My birthday is in Sept. and I am begging...no wait...pleading for the Silhouette Cameo! Cross your fingers for me :o)

Leah Ann Gast

Happy Birthday...so sweet!

Luz Maria Martin del Campo

Congratulations, and watching that cute baby is better than anything!!!

Aimee G.

Happy Birthday Aimee! My name is Aimee too! :) I already had my birthday this year, but I'd love a new lens for my camera.


Happy happy birthday, Aimee! I'm the same age as you:)! My birthday was two months ago.

For next year's birthday I would like to have a day for myself to do whatever I want (would be scrapbooking) and a night without any children waking me up!

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