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Melinda T

Love the layout! We don't have any new years tradition, except writing down resolutions! I don't like to be out, its such a crazy night, so we stick to game & movie night with our girls. Though, last year we went to an event for kids that lasted til midnight! We haven't made any plans for this year yet.

Angela a

We have a silly tradition of eating lots of Mexican food on New Years night! So yummy!

Leah Cameron

We usually go to my sisters on NYE and they set up a tiny pool for the kids (as it is usually stinking hot in Aus on NYE)! Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandi Pressley

Our New Year's tradition is to stay home and celebrate quietly...lol. I love to watch New Year's Eve in Times Square, kiss my honey at midnight and go to bed.

Sherry Eckblad

Love that kit! Your layout is gorgeous.
Our New Years tradition is to stay awake, stay home and have a glass of champagne to celebrate. Nice and Simple just like us.

Kathy M.

Our New Year's tradition is to stay in. Too many nut cases out there these days. We watch the ball drop and eat snackies for dinner like crackers and cheese balls and such!

Amanda Tharp

love the kit cuz!


We just like to stay home and keep it simple family time.

Janee Fakhreddine

Thanks for the chance to win this cute kit! It will be perfect for project life! Every year me and my kids "camp out" in the living room and watch the ball drop. I always end up falling asleep before midnight. But we have so much fun :)

scrapper al

What a cute kit! I'd love to win it, but then it would get used for a layout of me going to bed before 11:00 pm. That's how I celebrate the new year, lol.

Karen Walker

LOVE this kit. It doesn't look like there are any more available to purchase, so I'd really like to win one. (If there are some still for purchase, please let me know.) Thanks.


We don't seem to have a New Years tradition in my family - we've done something different every year! I think we'll have to start a tradition this year... perhaps a nice meal at home while we talk about favourite memories of the past year and our hopes for the next year.

I'd love to win this kit! Thanks for the opportunity. :)


I always fall asleep before the ball drops! Lol

DeAnn L.

ooooohhhh this is so cute...got to have it, please o please o please!! :)

DeAnn L.

O, and our New Year's eve tradition is just to be with family. It is what we have always done.

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